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Duterte doesn’t like military ties with US

President Duterte last Sunday night said that he has friendly relations with US President Donald Trump, but insisted to limit defense and military ties between the two countries.

Talking to reporters in a chance interview in Myanmar, the Chief Executive claimed that he is willing to “give all, whatever it is” in the name of US-RP relations but not in terms of deploying more US troops in the Philippines.
“I think me and Trump are headed for something that is very mutual. We have an understanding platform for both countries. You see, Donald Trump is a realist. He is a guy who knows what is real, what is not, and he does not engage in theories. And even in the matter of human rights, he takes into account everything,” the President said.
In an earlier speech before the Filipino community, Duterte stressed that he and “Trump are on good terms.”
“I can assure Trump also of our friendship and cooperation,” he added.
But once again, Duterte said that he is not interested in military pacts with the Philippines’ biggest ally, reiterating what he earlier said in China last year that he wants to separate from the US in terms of military policy.
“I don’t like military alliances (with the US). We can’t handle those anymore,” he said.
Duterte also said that the US, for the longest time, has a “dictatorial approach” toward the Philippines which he said is unacceptable to other countries that his administration is befriending.
“(The US) impose the rules... You know, you are trying to be a dictator. You dictate upon nations what, how, and what you believe in. That is not acceptable to Korea, Japan and the rest of the Asean countries and also with (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and (Chinese President) Xi Jinping,” the Chief Executive stressed.

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