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No need for public disclosure of Duterte’s health — ‘Koko’

Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III yesterday urged critics of President Duterte to put to rest the issue on the Chief Executive having to address the nation on his exact physical condition.
“Let us believe the President when he says that he has the aches and pains of an ordinary 71-year-old Filipino male plus the fact that there is something wrong with a nerve on his neck because of the motorcycle accident,” Pimentel said.
But to further dwell on it, need not be done as Duterte’s closest aide, Presidential Special Assistant Christopher “Bong” Go has already spoken for the President debunking reports that the President went to China during the holidays for a needed medical procedure, the senator said.
“So it wasn’t true. If that was true, sinabi na ng Presidente ‘yun (the President already revealed about it),” he said.
Former Sen. Francisco “Kit” Tatad, in his recent column at The Manila Times, claimed that Duterte, during the wee days of December to early January, flew to Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou, China on board a private executive plane.
“This raises a serious national security question which must now be addressed,” Tatad said.
Regardless of the veracity of the issue, Pimentel expressed belief that such report is not enough to convince the President to make a public disclosure of his actual physical condition.
“I think the President has revealed (it), in fact people make fun of him now because he even revealed the medication that he takes. He has been very honest about his physical condition,” he said.
“Plus the fact that he has met a motorcycle accident which affected a nerve on his neck so that’s the situation of our President. Let us not revive the issue of his health just because somebody writes about it,” Pimentel said.

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