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Robredo camp cries foul over ‘Lenileaks’

By Julius Leonen
and Ted Tuvera

Vice President Leni Robredo’s camp yesterday insisted that Robredo is just a victim of an organized smear campaign against her amid a seemingly constant wave of accusations that she was allegedly conspiring with fellow political party members to oust President Duterte.
In a radio interview yesterday, Robredo’s spokesman, Georgina Hernandez, said that Robredo is being “maliciously” targeted and vilified on social media through circulation of “misleading” information against the Vice President.
Hernandez said this in response to the circulation of leaked emails, termed on social media as “Lenileaks,” that mentioned Robredo’s name in an alleged collaboration of Filipino-Americans under the “Global Filipino Diaspora Council” (GFDC) to call for Duterte’s resignation.
“We think that this latest issue (regarding ‘Lenileaks’) is malicious and misleading because they called it a leak when the messages in the group are publicly available,” Hernandez explained.
“To be frank, VP Leni is just being victimized by an organized smear campaign on social media. The most recent one is Lenileaks. We just laugh it off because they’ll basically throw any lie at us,” she said.
The spokesman, citing the earlier allegations that Robredo joined anti-Duterte demonstrations calling for his ouster, said that her critics will believe anything even if they are lies.
“Part of that is the misinformation that has reached the President that, apparently, VP Leni joined ouster rallies or anti-Duterte rallies, which she never actually did,” Hernandez said. “It’s like you’ll still believe the lie even if it’s not the truth, and it looks like it’s coming from an organized smear campaign on social media,” she said.
Hernandez also railed against Robredo’s critics for forcing the Vice President’s name into the email mess that has implicated Filipino-Americans supportive of the Vice President and the Liberal Party in an alleged ouster plot.
“They are forcing VP Leni’s name into the issue just because she was mentioned the conversations, but she is not a part or a member of that group,” Hernandez said.
Meanwhile, in addition to the “malicious” allegations, Hernandez said that there is nothing secretive about the email group as it was publicly available for any Internet user to read. She added that if the group’s recipients wanted to keep their exchanges a secret, then they chose the wrong platform.


  • Big Boy

    Just "laughing it off" ?? then why are you scrambling in denying her involvement with the so called lenileaks ? The VP should fire her political operators, PR People she should hire a more professional and seasoned PR team...

    Big Boy Wednesday, 11 January 2017 19:36 Comment Link
  • advertising guru

    Mga ka DDS wag ninyong kalimutan ang motto ng mga sinungaling na dilaw na ang motto ay "Doesn't have to be true, just needs to look like that."

    advertising guru Tuesday, 10 January 2017 21:41 Comment Link
  • T Infante

    Lenileaks or not, once Leni is installed as the president, she will just a weak and lame leader. First of all, she is unexperienced and indecisive. And secondly, she lacks craftiness.

    Leni, you don't have the "it" factor to rally all the people behind you; maybe, only the Yellows, but, not most of the Filipino spectrum.

    You said it by yourself that you don't wish to be the leader of the land! Then, what are you? Who is your puppeteer?

    Better resign before it gets off hand.

    T Infante Tuesday, 10 January 2017 16:37 Comment Link

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